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JUL Baroque Beetle Shawl Pin

$32.50 USD

White Brass

Hand made Fair Trade in Indonesia

3 inches long by 1 inch wide


The Baroque Beetle is our ornamented celebration of one of the gorgeous natural improvisations we find on our astonishing planet.  We have been bringing fiber beasts to you in our shawl pins and sticks as well as botanical forms.  Now we are excited about exploring some of the beautiful insect forms that there are in the world.  The Beetle is the first in our series of stylized and realistic insects.

The one-piece design of the Baroque Beetle is like the Marrakech.  Its function is similar to a pin insofar as the 'tail' in the back goes down into your knitwear through all layers, and then comes back up to lie flat on the front-side of your fabric.

PLEASE NOTE:  This pin is not intended to be manipulated to function.  It is not meant to be opened wider or pinched tighter together.

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