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Frabjous Fibers

Frabjous Fibers Color Burst

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Unexpected Wonderful Things:

Have you ever had a moment where all the beauty in the world was condensed into a single potent drop of spell-binding joy? There’s a solitary flower poking through the pavement of a nondescript sidewalk; you are stuck in traffic in the rain, and a rainbow appears in the sky just off to the left; you are road-weary and starved, and an all night diner’s neon glow appears on the horizon…

These are what our Colorbursts embody. Specially dyed with a band of color, as you knit through, creating bursts of color as your project takes form. Go with the flow, and see what comes out or plan it out to create an easy, fun pattern. Expect the unexpected and joy will follow.

Mad Hatter:

Fiber Content: 100% superwash merino
Yarn Weight: sport

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