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Wol met Verve

Wol met Verve Merino Twist Sock - Tie Dye

$29.50 USD

So wonderfully soft and with a beautiful shine, the ideal luxury yarn for special projects. The name says it all, the yarn is very suitable for knitting socks by the addition of 20% nylon. However, it is suitable for much more than just socks and is therefore mainly used for shawls and clothing.

We used the so-called 'tie dye' technique to dye this yarn. This has created small undyed pieces that give a subtle effect to the yarn. This yarn combines very nicely with the 'knotted' yarn in the same shade.

80% merino wool(superwash)/20% nylon
100g = 365 meter
needle: 2.5 - 3.5 mm / US 2½ - 4 (up tot 5 mm/US 8 for lace patterns)

Machine washable but handwash is recommended. Dry flat.

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