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Galler Belangor

$13.00 USD

Don’t be fooled by other lesser quality Angoras, this is the authentic Galler Belangor™ French Angora. This decadent fiber comes in a variety of gorgeous, luminous shades. Extremely warm, this lighter than air yarn feels sumptuous against the skin. We have imported Belangor™ exclusively since 1951.

French Angora is superior to any other rabbit hair. With extra long, silky fibers and 30% guard hair, this yarn “blooms” and produces an exceptional halo. Hand-combed, the rabbits are not harmed at all in the process of cultivation; our breeder takes advantage of the natural molting cycles to harvest the longest fibers possible and uses a time honored French technique for grooming which is completely painless and gentle. The rabbits live as pets, remaining their whole lives on the small farm they are raised. We abhor the treatment of rabbits in China. Buying Galler supports the humane cultivation of this fiber which becoming increasingly rare and valuable.

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