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ITO Kinu

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ITO Kinu is a 100% silk noil yarn, also called organic silk, as it is produced from the leftovers of spun filament silk. Differently colored fibers are blended for this silk noil yarn, to produce a melange effect. Kinu is an all-purpose silk yarn - for sportive as well as for elegant wear. Knit it single or multistranded. Enjoy its pleasant feel. Available in 40 colors.

Fiber Content: 100% Silk
Yarn Weight: Lace
Cone Weight: 50 g
Yardage (Meter / Yards):  425 m / 464 yds
Recommended needle size: single stranded: 2,00 - 3,00 mm / US 0 - 2 double stranded: 3,50 - 4,50 mm / US 4 - 7
Care instruction: hand wash

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