Twigg stitch technique class 
Saturday February 17th 1-4 pm

Come and join us for this popular class as we explore the world of Twigg stitch with Vicki Twigg.

FEE $45.00       
Call to reserve a place  (215) 794-3020

We will spend plenty of our time together learning the basic technique. For this you will need 2 colors of the same type of yarn with enough contrast to tell them apart. Sport to DK/aran weight smooth plied yarn is the best to learn on and experiment with. And you will need the recommended size needles for the yarn. I like metal but any kind will be fine.

Choose from a wide variety of yarns and needles available at TWIST.

We will be referring to the Twigg stitch book to give you the best understanding of the technique.
When you are ready we can discuss any aspect of the knitting you are interested in, i.e. Increases and decreases, selvedges, specific patterns or stitches from the book, problem solving etc.

You need a good knowledge of basic knitting skills, however the key to doing Twigg stitch is in how you hold and use the yarns (you do need to control both at the same time). We will begin with holding one yarn in each hand so learning to knit with your 'other' hand is useful (only knit is needed for the left hand) and we will move on to holding both yarns in the same hand for those who want to.
Join Vicki Twigg on Saturday, January 27 from 1 to 4 to learn this unique techniques for 2 sided knitting. She will have copies of her book available for purchase.

Vicki Twigg learned to knit and crochet at about the age of 5, followed soon after by sewing, and has always loved to experiment with and design all kinds of things in the field of needle arts. She likes to set herself challenges and find new ways round them and particularly enjoys creating patterns with interesting structural elements, using the nature of the technique or stitch pattern as part of the inspiration. She loves to pass her fascination with the mechanics of knitting on to others, helping them to improve their technique or learn new things.
Visit Vicki's Website to see a short video showcasing some of the really cool things she does with this technique.

You will be amazed!

215 794-3020

All individual classes

Knitting: $25
Individual class to finish swatch scarf with help as needed.

Spinning: $100
4 classes.

Weaving: $100  (Rigid Heddle class $50)
To complete one project.


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