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Bockens Lingarn 16/2 Linen

$24.00 USD

Sweden has long been known for high-quality linen yarns. Bockens Linen yarns from Holma Helsinglands are the finest available. They are a joy to work with and have a great sheen. If you are new to linen weaving, 16/2 is a perfect choice for a first linen project. It is easy to warp with and to weave, perfect for table linens, towels, and other household textiles.

Fiber Content:  100% Flax, Wetspun
Yarn Weight16/2 Linen
Cone Weight/Yardage: 4.4 oz / 700 yd (bleached & colors);  8.8 oz / 1400 yd (half bleached)
Sett: 18-24 epi

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