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Twist Knitting and Spinning

Harrisville Shetland Cones

$26.50 USD

This Shetland has been a versatile workhorse for years. This yarn is not made from Shetland Wool. Shetland refers to the size of the yarn and not the fiber content. The wool is a blend of an Australian fine wool, and a hearty New Zealand wool that gives the yarn it’s luster.

Harrisville Shetland is spun more tightly on the spinning frames (higher turns per inch) so it is highly durable and will wear better and better every year. 

Fiber Content:  100% Virgin Wool.
Cone weight:  1/2 lb. cone
Yardageapprox. 900 yds. 
Sett: 10-12 e.p.i.

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