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Twist Knitting and Spinning

Jagger Spun Woolful Black Wesh Mountain / Dorset Horn

$22.00 USD

Breed specific and worsted spun Black Welsh and Dorset Horn.

Jagger Spun’s newest Woolful yarn is a blend of two heritage UK breeds: Black Welsh Mountain and Dorset Horn 3/6.

Naturally Deep Brown Black Welsh Mountain wool and creamy white Dorset Horn wool are blended, in varying percentages, for a palette of five authentic, natural shades. A 3 ply DK/ light worsted weight, this rustic woolly wool yarn is worsted spun with a gentle twist. Use the five shades together, or each on its own, for projects that ooze woolly goodness. This yarn blooms wonderfully when washed or blocked.   The beautiful Walker's Ridge Cowl pattern can be found on Ravelry.

Spun in Springvale ME

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